Free Energy Market

In the Free Energy Market, consumers trade price and other conditions of supply freely with generating and trading companies.

ENGIE is the largest trader in the Brazilian Free Energy Market serving small, middle market and large companies in all states of the country. In this market, ENGIE also operates as Retail Trader, offering simpler solutions for migration and representation with the Electric Energy Trade Board (CCEE).

2,674 MWm
supplied to free consumers in 2019
free consumers
More than
Consumer Units served


ENGIE’s Trading area operates in the development of agreements which serve the needs of each counterparty. We serve from the small or large generator and project developer to trading companies, distributors and final energy consumers. Irrespective of the size and needs of your company, ENGIE is your partner and we have the solution which you need.

Through the intermediary of the Trading area, ENGIE seeks to offer the best solutions in agreements in terms of duration, type of energy, form of payment and financial guarantees. We have structures such as swaps suited to term or energy source, pre-payment of agreements and products which reduce the risk of the generation profile or consumer.

More than
10,000 GWh
traded 2019
More than
1,200 operations
executed in 2019
With more than

Regulated Market

In the Regulated Market or the Regulated Contracting Environment, generator companies, trading companies and distributors can negotiate energy through existing energy auctions. These auctions are sponsored by the Electric Energy Trade Board (CCEE) as delegated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).

2,090 MWm
contracted in 2019
Distributors served by ENGIE
of ENGIE’s contracted energy in 2019