Conservation of the Ichthyofauna

Uruguay River (SC) and Iguazu River (PR)

To improve the conservation status of Brazilian biodiversity, ENGIE Brasil carries out a series of actions for the conservation of the ichthyofauna of the Uruguay and Iguazu Rivers.
The project has helped conserve five fish species endemic to the Iguazu River – Rhamdia branneri, Rhamdia voulezi, Pimelodus britskii, Astyanax gymnodontus and Steindachneridion melanodermatum; and the dourado (brasiliensis), suruvi (Steindachneridion scriptum) and piracanjuba (Brycon orbygnianus) species in the Uruguay River.


  • To create a bank of cryopreserved sperm for the selected species, enabling in-vitro reproduction and the formation of a gene bank;
  • To release specimens of the selected species, contributing to increased populations in the Iguazu and Uruguay Rivers regions;
  • To introduce local species fish farming to local producers as a means to generate income, in addition to preventing the introduction of alien species;
  • To conduct community-oriented environmental education actions to prevent predatory fishing and river pollution;
  • To train specialized human resources in the reproduction of endemic species and their use for fish farming purposes;

The case by the numbers


BRL 1 million


250,000 specimens

released into the river
an average

30 release events

with community involvement


  • Reduced decline of the species in consideration;
  • Mitigated threats against these species;
  • Involvement of the local population in biodiversity conservation.

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