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Building the Cities of Tomorrow

Growth in population and urbanization have never been so umbilically linked as today.Currently more than half of mankind now lives in cities. By 2050, 70% or about six billion people, will be living in urban areas. Such explosive growth brings major economic, environmental and social challenges. How to reconcile the energy needs of the cities with consuming less and at the same time, improving the quality of life? How to meet the development needs of urban areas and conserve natural resources? ENGIE offers a range of solutions in response to these questions. Working with the population, government managers and technical and financial partners, ENGIE offers the tools and services which transform the cities, rendering them more sustainable, attractive and resilient. We believe that the work of ENGIE today is to help the population of each city to exercise their role as a catalyst for sustainable development. In this way, we can work together for our future. To improve the life and safety of citizens, save energy and preserve the environmental, cultural and historical heritage of the cities are the expectations of their managers and citizens, which ENGIE stands ready to attend through innovative and efficacious solutions.

Management of cities: in which sectors can we help?

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