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ENGIE provides a specialized service in energy management, aiming to identify the best opportunities in the energy market. Our integrated solutions cover from energy planning, budgeting, energy supply planning, economic-financial and regulatory consulting on energy self-production projects and management systems.

Specialized consulting and energy management means results and economy for our customers

savings of

R$ 1.1 billion

in projects on demand

more than

R$ 2.7 million

recovered for our customers with Energy Bill Audits

gains of

R$ 39.5 million

generated with analysis and adequacy of Rate Mode

savings of

R$ 84.2 million

with evaluation/adequacy of Hired Demands

Know about our solutions

  • Procurement and Risk Management

    Strategy and negotiation of energy prices. Identification and analysis of risks, market monitoring, process of energy purchasing with independence and transparency, daily quotes with suppliers.

    Strategy and negotiation of energy prices;

    Identification and analysis of risks;

    Market monitoring;

    Energy aquisition with independence and transparency;

    Daily quotes with suppliers;

    Support to the purchase of Energy in the Free Market;

    Performance of market access, protecting the customer against arbitrage pricing;

    Preparation of energy purchase strategy;

    Technical analysis of consumption with breakeven evaluation and earnings forecast.

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  • Operational Management

    Management of activities related to the process of migration to the free market, interface with the Chamber of Commerce, data processing and bill organization, among others.

    Migration to the Free Market: Team exclusively oriented to the management and monitoring of all phases of the migration process.

    CCEE Representation: relationship management, representation for purposes of access to computer systems and interaction with the Chamber of Commerce.

    Data Processing and Organization: Organization and collection of Bills, Contracts and CCEE Events.

    CCEE Financial Events: Monitoring and operational sending of the agent's financial events at CCEE.

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  • Strategic Energy Planning Management

    Strategic management of operations and processes of the consuming agent, such as: advice and support with regulations, future indicators, auditing, scenario building, financial obligations, among others.

    Budgeting: Construction and analysis of scenarios, crossing of goals, history and forecast of costs; prevention of volatility and monitoring of deviations.

    Pricing: Monitoring of current, short, medium and long-term market prices in order to support purchase and sale decisions, periodic reports and forward curve.

    Regulatory Support: advisory and technical, legal, administrative, regulatory and interlocution support of matters related to CCEE, ANEEL, ONS and Electric Energy Distributors. Constant update on changes in specific regulations and their implications.

    Market intelligence: market review with future indicators of the main economic variables (price, rate, etc.) which impact the purchase and sale of energy. Presentation of analyzes and monthly reports.

    Contracts: Negotiation of the best conditions of purchase of the energy market, identification of cost reduction, analysis of minutes and support to energy contracts.

    Financial Management: Continuous monitoring and management of operations. Analysis of processes and obligations of the consuming agent, verification and disclosure of the customer's financial obligations to the CCEE, cash planning, among others.

    Data Analysis: Management and planning of the values of hired demands, reactive consumption, fines, loss of basic network, among other components that impact energy costs.

    Energy policies: Presentation of new technologies for self-generation.

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  • Audit and Revenue Management

    Process of managing and auditing large volumes of energy data, aiming at organization, performance improvements and cost reduction, among others.

    Bill Audit: Detailed audit of all components of Energy bills (discount verification in TUSD, taxes, reactives, fines, etc.), aiming at recovering undue charges.

    Data Processing: organization of bills, digitalization of all financial and physical data of Distribution Bills;

    Costs Audit: Rates, Flags, Fines, Taxation;

    Indicator of Improvements in Performance/Cost Reduction: Reactives, Demand Overflow, Rate Mode, Availability Rate;

    Access to the Exclusive SIG | ENERGY Web System: full access (at any time) of all unit data with comparatives, distributors' rate events calendar, history, geographic GPS, library with all bills scanned, customizable dashboards, market reports.

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  • Regulatory and Commercial Consulting

    Multidisciplinary team oriented to the adaptation to the scope of work of varied projects, performing studies of economic and regulatory viability (when applicable);

    Analytical monitoring of the Regulation;

    Support in the GN Cost Management;

    Distributed Generation (GD), wind, solar, self-generation, among others;

    Installation of new units in Brazil and other countries in the Americas;

    Rate forecast;

    Audit of past bills for specific purposes;

    Technical and regulatory analysis of substation sharing projects, measurement integration, multiple loads, network access, among others.

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The first online platform exclusively focused on energy management


All information processed and audited in one place


Access your information wherever, whenever and however you want


All information is encrypted


Optimization and cost control


Specialists focused on operations in the electricity sector


Organization of large volumes of information

ENGIE, the country’s leader in energy consulting and management

More than

25,000 units


Management of more than

1,800 MWm / month

Management of

R$ 5.5 billion

in energy assets per year

Savings of

R$ 9.1 billion

with Management and Procurement