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Understanding how it works

ENGIE offers solutions and advanced technology equipment in the control, management and reduction of costs with electric power and other inputs.
ENGIE has more than 5,200 systems installed and manages more than 5,000,000 kW in companies from a broad range of segments.
ENGIE’s solutions are contributing to a reduction in energy consumption of about 1,000,000 MWh annually with benefits to both clients and society.
After-sales service plays an extremely important part in ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Understand the benefits and the functions of Follow Energy and reduce your company’s expenses by up to 30%.

Know about our solutions

Follow Energy: Management of electric power and utilities via internet

Follow Energy is a tool for the management of electric energy and utilities via a platform of cloud services, already used by more than 5,200 companies. It allows the remote monitoring of variables, the notification of deviations and irregularities by e-mail and SMS, graphic and statistical monitoring of collected data and the analysis of all the information through operating and managerial reports.

  • Energy Monitoring

    Energy Monitoring Solution Architecture

    ENGIE’s energy monitoring system enables managing power usage at firms in every industry with monthly power bills over R$ 5,000.00. With accurate data and valuable information available, your company will be able to take steps to cut costs and optimize power usage. The system also allows using automated controls to attain expected results. Furthermore, the system issues e-mail warnings when irregularities emerge.

    With the system in operation, your company will be able to:

    Know its actual power usage profile

    Identify wasteful consumption;

    Assess opportunities to adjust load hours;

    Detect and control peak demand;

    Control bills and compare with the power bills submitted by concessionaires;

    Analyze the best tariffs options;

    Consolidate and analyze energy data from several points or locations;

    Have accurate power data available to plan savings actions;

    Quantify power savings achieved;

    Receive prompt warning in the event of abnormalities or waste.

    The Solution as Service (SaS) Concept
    ENGIE’s Power Monitoring Solution operates under the Solution as Service (SaS) concept. This means that the system has a 100-percent Web-based platform and use is practical and intuitive. One or more devices collect metering data in real time and transmit it to ENGIE’s data center. The data, be it for one or several units or locations, can be accessed by any device with Internet access.

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  • Load Automation

    Loads Automation Solution Architecture

    ENGIE’s system allows automated control of electric devices to reduce power costs.

    With the system in operation, your company will be able to:

    Loads control to prevent exceeding programmed demand;

    Installation load-factor optimization control;

    Hourly load scheduling;

    Automated capacitor bank steps control

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  • Sub-metering and Sharing

    Sub-meter readings and Sharing Solution Architecture

    One of the main sources of problems for managers of commercial, logistics and industrial condos is the sharing of power bills. This usually relies on a variety of criteria, from floor area, through headcounts, to installed load. Whatever the criteria management may choose, some condo members will inevitably be dissatisfied.

    To overcome issues of this type, ENGIE has developed and implemented individual metering systems with automated power bill sharing across several customers. ENGIE’s sub-metering and Sharing solution takes actual electrical metrics directly from the power intake cabinets of each condo unit, fully automating the process of individualized power billing. In addition, it enables managers and maintenance teams to focus on more relevant tasks.

    Some of the many benefits that a power sharing system provides to managers and condos include:

    Individual condo member metering;

    Automatic power billing directly to each condo member;

    Automatic consolidated bill for the condo manager;

    Individual access to meter data;

    Provides all consumption-related power metrics – demand, consumption and power factor;

    Enables setting up automated adjustments and controls for every area in the condo;

    Fully transparent metering;

    Easy Web-based access to the information using individual passwords;

    Automatic warning messages sent in connection with any deviation from schedule;

    Awareness of the price of the power bill before it is delivered by the concessionaire;

    Prevents maintenance problems.

    The adoption of automated solutions increasingly provides benefits to managers. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, condo managers may pursue cost-cutting alternatives by controlling load hours, adjusting power factors, and controlling demand, thereby enabling the applicable operational or administrative changes.

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  • Utilities Monitoring

    Utilities Monitoring Solution Architecture

    ENGIE provides a valuable utilities monitoring solution that includes metrics and alarms and is recognized by thousands of customers as an important ally in the fight against waste.

    Some of the system’s many benefits include:

    Consumption monitoring and logging for water, gas, oil and other inputs;

    Consumption curves and historic consumption managerial reports (daily, monthly and annual);

    Prevents leaks or waste through warning e-mails concerning excessive use or exceeding chosen targets;

    Compatible with all meters equipped with telemetering outputs;

    Room- and process-temperature evaluation and tracking;

    Tanks and reservoirs volumes and levels monitoring;

    Tracking any process variables (4-20mA – 0-10V – Pt100 sensors and more);

    Historic managerial reports and warning e-mails for critical situations;

    Supervision based on dry contacts (ON-OFF) providing actual field-conditions information;

    Supervises power outages, low oil levels, generator failures, empty water tanks, motor shutdown, high temperatures, etc.;

    Remote viewing and online tracking of status changes at monitored points;

    Events log for historic system status and alarms evaluation.

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Everywhere, all the time

Management of units nationwide with unlimited and simultaneous access.

Control and speed

Remote management, rapid and efficacious actions.

User friendly

User familiarity with the Web platform.

Nationwide technical support

Large technical service team throughout Brazil.

ENGIE, the country’s leader in energy management.

more than

5,200 clients


more than

5,000,000 kW


more than

42,000 points


more than

6,500 users


more than

1,000,000 mWh

in savings

See who is benefiting from our solutions

“Now we’re able to effectively use all the data which the system provides for mapping alerts on unusual consumption patterns. This also offers real time management of points with potentially irregular consumption”.

Henrique Bissochi

Engineering manager of Banco Santander

“We have gained a lot in agility with such tools as remote programming via web/cell phone, consolidated reports and personalized dashboards. These are all very useful in the daily routine of the engineering and maintenance team. Another important tool is the personalized alarm system for monitoring units with above-normal energy consumption, allowing us to take immediate and decisive corrective action”.

Alexandre Medeiros

Engineering manager of C&A in Brazil

"The choice of this system was exactly because of the diversification and variety of possible reports, graphics, controls and analyzes for each and every one of the restaurants. We have also been able to separate into groups by consumption type/model, alowing the comparison, administration and precise management of electricity, water and gas consumption at our units".

Edinaldo Martins de Castro

Utilities Manager for Bloomin Brands International

“Oi sees the active management of consumption at the units as allowing the efficient use of energy and generating opportunities for reducing costs. In addition, such management allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives that are implemented for reducing consumption, accelerating the rollout of projects for other company units. The system indicated the best cost-benefit, providing modern and structured management tools for ensuring easy and agile monitoring of the data”.

Marco Antonio Vilela de Oliveira

Energy and Property Director at Oi

“We opted for Follow Energy as being a system which is already well-accepted in the market and given the recognized quality of its results. Its use allows us to get a better idea of our electric energy profile, identifying energy peaks and possible excess demands as well as serving as an indication for adjusting the capacity factor”.

Alessandro Matos

Engineering Manager of the NotreDame Intermédica Group

“We saw the need for precise measurement of electricity consumption and for making the information clear and visible to all users without the need for onsite monthly measurement inspections for verifying expenses”.

Pedro Luiz de Freitas

Infrastructure Manager at Rede Record

“We installed the energy management system at Rede Supermarket for controlling consumption, demand, capacity factor and account accuracy. After all, you can only manage what is measured and when we have all the data in real time, management becomes a lot better, avoiding unnecessary expenditures. Follow Energy is intuitive and greatly helps us calculate waste and helps individual managers to take the best decision. The idea is always to install the system with each new store opening”.

Henrique Dames

Electrical engineer responsible for electrical maintenance and energy management at Rede Supermarket

“With Follow Energy, we monitor all the electrical data, principally that which might potentially incur fines from the power distribution concessionaire. We also monitor the CICE - Internal Commission for Energy Consumption – energy consumption targets for each unit allowing us to act with immediate effect where the case arises. In effect, I can say that the system is a complete tool - after all, electricity and other utilities are costs that should be controlled”.

Renata Silva Sigg

Property Analyst for D’avó Group.

“The purpose of implementing the energy monitoring tool was to gain speed and precision in measuring data for electric energy consumption. It was well worthwhile. The monthly fee is low and compensates what we would expend in energy. In addition, prorating among tenants is now much quicker and more precise”.

José Ayres Fortes Bustamante Filho

Premises Maintenance Manager for the Centro Empresarial Castello Branco, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

“The sustainable and smart management of the condominium would not have been possible without this system. It is just not viable to control expenses, prorate and introduce a plan for reducing consumption of water and energy without it. Really we have to agree with the following statement: ‘what cannot be measured cannot be controlled”.

Emerson Melo

Property Management at Cushman & Wakefield, responsible for the management of Edifício Birmann 21 in the city of São Paulo

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