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Solutions for the daily routine of your company

The modern workplace is a dynamic environment. The support services for operations, which can be successful in the daily routine of the company, must be supplied with smart management, integration and flexibility. And it is for this reason that at ENGIE we provide our services on an integrated basis, managing your installations with qualified personnel, guaranteeing efficiency and a high degree of service. We are committed to sustainability and the energy efficiency of the businesses. You can depend on our solutions for Facility Management and Multi-technical Maintenance.


Specialized teams

Guaranteeing adequate maintenance for your company’s equipment and assets.

Mobile maintenance software (SME)

Use of Technology with SME software in maintenance team routines, ensuring precision in compliance with the Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan (PMOC) and requests for corrective maintenance via system.

Cost Reduction

Greater synergy with Facilities and Maintenance teams allowing reductions in indirect costs and centralized management of services.

Reduction in need for labor

Due to the use of equipment with greater productivity car washers, motorized floor scrubbers and robots.

ENGIE, partner in Installations Management

more than


multi-technical maintenance and operation agreements

more than


efrigeration tons (TR) in covered environments

more than

500,000 m²

attended by facility management services