Public Safety and Management for Cities

How to improve public safety without adversely affecting the city’s economic resources ?

How to improve public safety without adversely affecting the city’s economic resources ? Many Brazilian cities face growing problems of public safety in a context of budgetary restrictions. Under these circumstances, smart solutions will help improve efficiency in monitoring different areas of a city in real time. How? By connecting video-monitoring equipment and making data and images available in a digital platform, accessible to operators anywhere. Thanks to this tool, coordination between remote monitoring teams and those which intervene in loco can be optimized. In addition to the formal area of public safety, a digital platform allows the breaking down of operational silos, a case in point being in situations of crisis where joint intervention of several services (transportation, military, urban) is required. The data collected is stored and analyzed for identifying areas of greater risk or frequent infringements and to optimize both the strategy as well as public safety operations at lower cost. The solutions which ENGIE develops ensure a high degree of protection against cyber security risks.

What is the use of a hypervision platform ?

A hypervision platform such as Livin´ is a light, flexible and secure solution for use in control and coordination centers, for surveillance and supervision of urban areas as in the management of Smart Cities. This platform will provide data for the city’s structural equipment such as cameras, traffic signals, public lighting or sensors in a visual and intuitive manner. Any operator can supervise remotely the correct functioning of infrastructure, monitor the cameras for ensuring public safety or for traffic control and plan the necessary interventions in the field. These tools also permit the remote operation and maintenance of equipment and interaction with citizens using variable messaging panels or through social network content. The platform is totally adaptable to municipal priorities: any supervisory function can be easily integrated and guarantee the interoperability of the solution with external applications. The key advantage of this platform is the capacity to break down operational silos: in this way, the public safety teams can work in conjunction with those monitoring the traffic. The integration of information provided to operations of different areas is of critical importance in the event of a crisis such as severe meteorological events or power outage. Equipped with data-centers and high storage capacity, the data collected daily is made available to the municipality allowing it to constantly upgrade public services and civic wellbeing.