Smart Clusters

How to save energy and money for healthcare establishments while ensuring total energy security?

ENGIE designs integrated solutions in response to the three priorities of the hospitals in relation to energy:  

  1. To guarantee uninterrupted functioning and resilience of critical equipment;
  2. To maximize patient comfort and experience;
  3. To optimize costs. Remembering that energy costs represent 2% of hospital expenses and that consumption of electricity per patient is increasing, ENGIE has a complete range of solutions such as energy audits, monitoring of consumption, load capacity dimensioning, process automation, solar generation, co-generation, server virtualization, safety in real time and hypervision platforms.

What are the relevant solutions for improving energy efficiency on university campuses?

ENGIE designs integrated solutions for responding to the two priorities of university campuses: - Optimization of the costs and development of innovative projects for proposing optimal conditions of study and for attracting new students. Under performance contracts, ENGIE is able to improve energy efficiency with integrated energy monitoring solutions and the installation/modernization of low consumption equipment and facility management. Our company is the ideal partner for implementing the strategy of differentiation and innovation of the universities through digital platform, electrical mobility, data-center or solar generation projects.