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As a global company for spearheading the energy transition, offering innovative solutions in energy and services for people, companies, and cities, ENGIE has begun an internationalization movement of the R&D + Innovation laboratories, ENGIE Labs, identifying development projects in areas with a vocation for their application.
ENGIE Lab Brasil encompasses and expands various R&D initiatives and innovation developed by ENGIE in Brazil through its affiliates.

We are 11th in the ENGIE Labs network, all connected for sharing knowledge and accelerating the results of the projects.


Our expertise incorporates the execution and rendering of services in R&D, the incubation and acceleration of companies, the launch and support of challenges of innovation. We develop innovative solutions for systems, equipment, hardware, software, business processes and models, pilot, and end-to-end (turnkey) projects. We work in partnership with ICTS, with startups and with other companies in the ENGIE group.

ENGIE Lab Brasil’s four current areas of interest

The activities executed by ENGIE Lab have as their focus:

What are we talking about innovation

"To be leader, you need not only to monitor but also to anticipate tendencies. The world is being transformed by disruptive innovations, the majority of them brought on stream by startups, new companies with ambitious objectives and applying good new ideas to pioneering business models. ENGIE Lab Brasil is working actively to be part of this transformation"

Carlos Gothe

Manager of Innovation at ENGIE Brasil

“We see collaboration as a key factor for enhancing the impact and effectiveness of innovation. For this reason we make a point of involving our stakeholders in the quest for the new. Universities, other companies, suppliers and financiers as well as the communities surrounding our businesses, help us in this journey”

Raphael Barreau

Chief Business Officer and Head of Strategy and Development for ENGIE Brasil.

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