The opening to collaboration is part of the ENGIE way of innovating. In this way we remain connected to other companies, especially startups, and also teaching and research institutions, entrepreneurs and other players in the innovation ecosystem. Check out our open innovation platforms below.


ENGIE is part of Link Lab, a program for bringing major companies and startups together for maximizing synergies for developing innovative projects. With its leader, the State of Santa Catarina Association of Technology (Associação Catarinense de Tecnologia - Acate), the initiative allows the Company to overcome its challenges of innovation more quickly while on the other hand, startups have the opportunity of getting better acquainted with our market and creating new businesses.

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ENGIE Innovation

For global challenges, solutions without frontiers. Underscoring its commitment to open innovation, ENGIE operates a world-wide platform for capturing projects in which companies and entrepreneurs are able to propose innovative solutions which contribute to overcoming the challenges of the businesses in areas of interest to the Company. Suggestions can be sent spontaneously on the initiative of a proponent or in reply to project calls made from various international group units.

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Project calls

For specific challenges, ENGIE adopts the practice of opening project calls, inviting partners to propose solutions based on the scope, requisites, and pre-established deliveries. The calls are made throughout the year in a continuous flow in the light of the challenges raised by the projects.

There are no project challenges open at present.
Should you wish to be informed whenever we issue a new Call, just complete the registration details below.

Closed calls

For each call, there are specific channels for enrollment.

However, should you have an idea or proposal unrelated to the calls opened, contact our team!

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