The Research and Development model (R&D) adopted by ENGIE endeavors to contribute to the Company’s sustainable development through projects focused on operational efficiency and the creation of new products, services or businesses. In addition, we reiterate our commitment to driving the country’s scientific and technological growth aligned to the strategic interests of the sector.

Since 1998, the Company has already invested approximately R$ 220 million in more than 190 projects executed on a collaborative basis, involving 40 organizations including universities, research centers and other companies. In this way we strengthen our culture of open innovation, maximizing the synergies with other agents in the ecosystem in which we work.

R&D in numbers

Annual budget for investments in projects

R$ 21 million

in 2020

More than

190 projects


Investment of

R$ 220 million

In projects since 1998

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Our eye on the future

Know the areas of greatest interest to ENGIE for developing new projects. To send proposals for R&D projects, contact our team on email ped.brenergia@engie.com.br. or fill the form below.

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