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Mission: Offer innovative and sustainable energy and services solutions to people, companies andcities.

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ENGIE’s ambition is to be the leading company in the energy transition underway to a low- carbon, decentralized and digital economy. This transformation brings the company close to the needs of people, companies and territories and casts ENGIE as a leading character in the fight against climate change.

ENGIE Brasil operates in several segments and its activities are mainly focused on energy generation and transmission, natural gas transportation and solutions for companies and territories. For specific information on this company, click here to view the investors section.

Reflecting ENGIE’s global strategy, the company has been investing in growing its services offerings in Brazil. On the solutions front, ENGIE serves customers demanding decentralized photovoltaic generation; energy efficiency and energy-related services; HVAC, monitoring and applications intended for smart cities. To learn more about all of ENGIE Brasil’s solutions click here and visit the Solutions section.

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