Management - ENGIE Brasil

Executive Committee - COMEX

ENGIE Brasil has an Executive Committee (COMEX) comprising professionals of proven experience and commitment with ethics and sustainability to provide cohesive management of its diversified businesses in Brazil. Aligned with the Company’s Vision and Mission, complying, and ensuring compliance, with its Code of Ethics and other policies, COMEX’s members represent ENGIE Brasil and exercise their leadership by example. COMEX decides ENGIE’s strategies in Brazil and is responsible for continuously seeking and disseminating entrepreneurial and innovative attitudes and initiatives. The Committee consists of 10 positions corresponding to ENGIE Brasil chairman’s office and nine areas: Commercial and Innovation; Centralized Generation; Services; Financial; Business Development; Strategy, Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility; Human Resources and Culture; Legal and Ethics; Acquisitions, Investments & Financial Advisory.

Chairman of ENGIE Brasil
Maurício Bähr
Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE Brasil Energia
Eduardo Sattamini
Chief Financial Officer, ENGIE Brasil
Carlos Freitas
Chief Commercialization and Innovation Officer, ENGIE Brasil
Gabriel Mann
Strategy, Communication and Social Responsibility Officer
Gil Maranhão Neto
Chief Business Development Officer, ENGIE Brasil
Gustavo Labanca
Solutions Officer, ENGIE Brasil
Leonardo Serpa
Ethics and Legal Director ENGIE Brasil
Patrick Baeten
Acquisitions, Investments and Financial Advisory Officer
Raphael Barreau
Human Resources and Culture Officer, ENGIE Brasil
Simone Barbieri