Innovation and R&D - ENGIE Brasil

Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) projects have been rich opportunities to test not only cutting-edge technologies, but also new business models. The Company has since 1998 invested around BRL 173 million in Brazil, in over 190 projects conducted with 35 organizations, including universities, research centers and business firms.

The mission of ENGIE’s Research, Development and Innovation (P&D) is to contribute to the Company’s sustainable development by means of projects focusing on operational efficiency, new products and services, or new business models.

Based on this, ENGIE has collaborated with open-innovation ecosystems in pursuit of synergies with its various business lines. The company has an online call-for-projects platform and holds annual innovation-oriented events in an effort to gain increasing recognition for its excellent work.

R&D by the numbers

investment of

BRL 30 million

in 2017


190 projects


investment of

BRL 173 million

since 1998