Annual Summary - ENGIE Brasil


Balance of obligations

Baseline date of 31/12/2017


in BRL

ENGIE Brasil Energia S.A. 24.197.913
Companhia Energética Estreito S.A. 6.358.205
Companhia Energética Jaguara S.A. 8.146
Companhia Energética Miranda S.A. 5.142
Itá Energética S.A. 4.296.737

On December 31, 2017 the company and its subsidiaries also have approximately BRL 68 million committed to projects underway, which will be covered by existing R&D liabilities and additional ones to be established in coming years.

A significant portion of this amount is committed and concerns research and development projects intended for (i) development and certification of a wind generator using domestic technology at 3.3 MW nominal power, in partnership with WEG S.A., and (ii) exploring every possible role that an energy storage system may play, including the assessment of systems using electrochemical batteries in: large centralized applications; medium- and small-size distributed generation applications and applications for individual and public transport vehicles, with the Santa Catarina Federal University and Guascor do Brasil Ltda. (Siemens Group) as partners. Each of the above projects involves total estimated investment of BRL 201 million and BRL 25 million. Of these amounts, approximately BRL 84 million and BRL 19 million, respectively, will come from R&D funds of the Company and its Subsidiaries.

Projects completed in the year