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Pampa Sul Thermoelectric Plant (Miroel Wolowski)

Candiota - RS

345 MW

of capacity

The Pampa Sul Thermoelectric Plant is being constructed in the municipality of Candiota (RS). Entry into operation is scheduled for June 2019. Total investment in the construction will be approximately R$ 1.8 billion with an installed capacity of 345 MW.

Since the beginning of the work, the plant has been an important regional pole for attracting development, employment and opportunities. During the work on the installation of the plant, about 2,000 direct jobs were created. In addition, once operational, the plant will involve 300 direct employment positions as well as a further indirect jobs, related to the supply chain, notably coal extracted from the mines in the region.

The plant is being constructed using state of the art technology by SDEPCI, a Chinese company with long experience in the construction and commissioning of thermoelectric power plants.
In honor of one of the first to see the potential for a new plant in the Candiota region, the unit’s corporate denomination includes the name of ENGIE’s ex-Chief Business Development Officer, Engineer Miroel Wolowski.

Campo Largo Wind Complex

Sento Sé - BA

326,7 MW

of capacity

Work on the Campo Largo Wind Complex, located in the municipalities of Sento Sé and Umburanas in the north of the state of Bahia, began in 2016.

The first phase of the project is scheduled for completion in December 2018, with the installation of 121 wind turbines, each with an output of 2.7 MW, distributed among 11 wind farms, totaling 326.7 MW of installed capacity and 165.23 average MW of physical guarantee for commercialization.

Umburanas Wind Complex

Umburanas - BA

360 MW

of capacity

The Umburanas Wind Complex, located in the municipality of the same name in the north of the state of Bahia, will be ENGIE’s largest wind complex in Brazil with 605 MW of installed capacity.

During its first phase beginning in November 2017, 144 air turbines are being installed with an output of 2.5 MW each, distributed among 18 wind farms, totaling 360 MW of installed capacity and 215.41 average MW of physical guarantee for commercialization.

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