Main Figures - ENGIE Brasil

The Investors section contains information about ENGIE Brasil Energia S.A., which is the
ENGIE's group company listed in the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3: EGIE3, ADR: EGIEY).

Economic Indicators

(R$ million)

2017201820194Q184Q19CHG. 4Q18/4Q19
Net Operating Revenue 7,010.0 8,794.89,804.52,302.32,795.121.4%
EBITDA1 3,519.54,367.65,163.11,083.31,317.121.6%
EBITDA Margin 50.2%49.7%52.7%47.1%47.1%0,0 p.p.
Service Income - EBIT 2,850.23,667.14,294.9903.11,074.319.0%
Financial Result -226.8-699.3-1,207.0-161.3-406.8152.2%
Net Income 2,004.62,315.42,311.1761.6617.5-18.9%

Financial Indicators

(R$ million)

2017201820194Q184Q19CHG. 4Q18/4Q19
Total Assets 19,568.5 23,735.530,135.623,735.530,135.627.0%
Shareholder's Equity 6,834.76,320.66,998.86,320.66,998.810.7%
Investments2 2,809.0 3,212.74,229.8925.1-160.8-117.4%
Dívida Líquida Ajustada3 4,582.66,856.310,191.86,856.310,191.848.6%


2017201820194Q184Q19CHG. 4Q18/4Q19
Nº of shares (thousand) 815,928815,928815,928815,928815,928-
Net Profit (Loss) per Share (R$) 2.45542.83652.83100.93300.7565-18.9%
Preço Médio da Ação – ON (R$)4 24.1527.8742.4930.3744.5646.7%
Distribution of Profits (R$ million) 2,000.22,272.52,197.176.7949.71,138.2%


2017201820194Q184Q19CHG. 4Q18/4Q19
Energy Sold (GWh) 35,76135,90437,9259,42010,0376.5%
Energy Sold (average MW) 4,0824,0994,3294,2664,5466.6%

Labor Force

2017201820194Q184Q19CHG. 4Q18/4Q19
Employees (number) 1,0831,3221,4291,3701,4294.3%

1 net income + income tax and social contribution + financial result + depreciation and amortization + impairment.

2 extract from “Investments Activities” of the Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow.

3 total debt (-) Cash and cash equivalents (-) deposits restricted to guarantee the payment of debt service.

4 average daily average price.

Years 2016, 2017 and 2018: number of shares and profit per share adjusted due to the bonus share.