The Investors section contains information about ENGIE Brasil Energia S.A., which is the ENGIE's group company listed in the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3: EGIE3, ADR: EGIEY).

Know why to invest in ENGIE Brasil Energia

ENGIE Brasil Energia S.A. is part of the largest independent power producer in the country, ENGIE, being also an active agent in the commercialization of energy. In 2017, the Company entered the transmission segment and, in 2018, acquired the remaining 50% of ENGIE Geração Solar Distribuída, as well as initiated energy trading operations. The year of 2019 marked the debut in the Brazilian natural gas segment by acquiring a stake in Transportadora Associada de Gás (TAG).

ENGIE Brasil Energia is controlled by French-Belgian group ENGIE, a global leader in the independent production of energy with its activities in more than 70 countries. ENGIE is a major operator in the electricity, natural gas and energy services.

At the end of the second quarter of 2021, our own installed capacity is of 8,958 MW, operating a generating complex of 10,679 MW, comprises 68 plants, of which 11 are hydroelectric, four thermoelectric and 53 fired from complementary sources - three biomass-fired plants, 46 wind power plants, two small hydroelectric plants (PCHs) and two solar plants - of which 64 are wholly-owned by the Company and four are jointly-owned through consortia with other companies.

In Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant, located at the Madeira River in Porto Velho (RO), with 3,750 MW, our parent company holds a 40% stake, which means an own installed capacity of 1,500 MW at that plant. This capacity, together with ENGIE Brasil Energia's own total, amounts to 10,458 MW in 69 plants, which corresponds to a participation of the group of 6.3% in the Brazilian market.

A total of 89% of our installed capacity in Brazil comes from clean, renewable sources with low greenhouse gas emissions, a position which has been further enhanced by the construction of new wind farms in the Northeast region of the country.

Over 20 years of operation in the Brazilian market, we have more than doubled our installed capacity, with high operational performance and consistent average growth in net revenue, Ebitda and net income financial indicators - demonstrating a sustainable financial performance. These factors and a clear business strategy allow the Company to remain well positioned to capture new business opportunities.

Competitive Advantages

Strategic sector
- The energy sector is considered strategic to the development of the country given that energy constitutes a basic input for both production and also a large part of society’s everyday activities.
Sector Leadership
- ENGIE ranks among the leaders of independent energy production in Brazil and in the world, thus reinforcing its own credentials for capturing business opportunities.
Commercial Inteligence
- ENGIE Brasil Energia maintains high levels of long-term contracting, thus reducing exposure to short-term market oscillations. In addition, its sales portfolio is a balanced mix of free consumers, different sectors and clients in the regulated market (distributors).
Predictability of cash flow
- In addition to the above-mentioned long-term contracting, energy sales agreements are indexed to inflation.
High degree of operational performance
- The power generating units, which the Company operates, show a high level of uptime and reliability. Contributing to this result are NBR ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certification, which most of the plants possess.
Stable financial performance
- The association of strong cash generation, high average Ebitda margin, consistent net income and the absence of currency exposure all contribute to the financial stability of the Company and its consequent resilience in inclement macroeconomic scenarios. Additionally, as a solid organization with a market value of R$ 31.9 billion at the end of the second quarter of 2021, has access to attractive lines of credit, thus enhancing its competitive edge.
Differentiated risk classification
- Fitch Ratings has assigned a Long-Term National Company Rating of ‘AAA(bra)’ and on the global scale, ‘BB’, one notch above the sovereign rating.
Best practices of governance and sustainability
- Just as with the Management Board, the Board of Directors is made up of experienced professionals with a broad-based knowledge of the sector, prepared to take decisions covering the interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders involved. Thus, economic, social and environmental aspects are indissolubly part of the decision-making process.

Novo Mercado

ENGIE Brasil Energia conducts its business in conformity with best corporate governance practices, committed to management accountability and transparency. Its shares are traded since 2005 on the Novo Mercado, a segment of the B3, made up of companies which undertake to adopt practices of corporate governance additional to those required under the Brazilian legislation alone. In 2017, the Stock Exchange announced new Novo Mercado Regulations. ENGIE Brasil Energia voted in favor of all the modifications proposed to the regulations, viewing them as material to advances in the areas of transparency, equitability, accountability and corporate responsibility applicable to the companies listed in this segment of the market. Companies must implement the new requirements by early 2021, and those superseding rules already in place, came into effect as from January 2018. The Company views these new requirements as a valuable contribution to its management and governance and is dedicating maximum effort in implementing the changes as soon as possible.

ENGIE Brasil Energia’s shares are traded on B3’s leading stock index – the Bovespa Index (Ibovespa), the IBrX 100, as well as the Special Corporate Governance Stock Index (IGC) and the Special Tag Along Stock Index (ITAG), incorporating those companies offering greater protection to minority shareholders in the event of the sale of a controlling stake. The Company’s shares are also included in the Corporate Sustainability Stock Index (ISE), comprising companies with a recognized commitment to social and corporate responsibility, as well as the Electric Energy Stock Index (IEE), which is a sector index made up of the more significant listed companies in the industry. In the European market, Company’s share are part of the Euronext-Vigeo EM 70, a stock index made up of companies with a premium performance in corporate responsibility among developing countries.

Legal Notes

The content in the Investor Relations website of ENGIE Brasil Energia may include statements which represent the outlook for future events or results pursuant to Brazilian and international securities regulations. These statements are based on assumptions and analyses made by the Company, in accordance with its experience and the economic environment, under market conditions and in line with envisaged future events, many of which are beyond ENGIE Brasil Energia's control.

Important factors that can lead to significant differences between the effective results and the statements of expectations as to events or future results include ENGIE Brasil Energia's business strategy, Brazilian and international economic conditions, technology, financial strategy, development of the public utilities industry, hydrological conditions, financial market conditions, uncertainty with respect to results of the Company's future operations, plans, objectives, expectations and intentions and other factors. In the light of these factors, ENGIE Brasil Energia's effective results may significantly differ from those indicated or implicit in the statements of outlook as to future events or results. Information and opinions contained herein should not be understood as a recommendation to potential investors and no investment decision should be based on the veracity, current nature or completeness of this information or opinions.

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