The Investors section contains information about ENGIE Brasil Energia S.A., which is the ENGIE's group company listed in the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3: EGIE3, ADR: EGIEY).

Dividends Policy

Pursuant to its Bylaws, ENGIE Brasil Energia is mandatorily required to distribute dividends to shareholders of at least 30% of the Company's net income. However, the Company goes further, practicing an indicative policy of minimum payment of 55% of the adjusted net income. In addition, the Board of Directors may deliberate on a dividend payout for shorter periods, conditional on the dividend payout not exceeding the amount in capital reserves. The Board of Directors may also declare interim dividends for account of retained earnings from existing profit reserves in the preceding annual or semi-annual balance sheet, as the case may be. Based on a Board of Directors resolution, ENGIE Brasil Energia may credit or pay interest on shareholders' equity according to the prevailing legal provisions. The values paid out by ENGIE Brasil Energia in the form of interest on shareholders' equity may be incorporated in the value of the mandatory dividends.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may distribute dividends, including interest on shareholders' capital for values less than 55% of adjusted net income when required by the prevailing legislation or as a result of the Company's financial status, including but not limited to cases in which the preservation of the Company's liquidity or the strengthening of its financial position is to be recommended in the judgment of the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the Company may at any time revise, change or revoke, the indicative policy for the distribution of the above-mentioned dividends through a Board of Directors resolution.
Finally, the Company's bylaws do not provide for the concession of specific rights to the shareholders in the event of non-payment of dividends, in these cases the pertinent legislation being applied. In addition, the bylaws establish that, should the shareholder fail to claim dividends on the expiration of a three-year period, then these dividends shall revert to the benefit of the Company.

Main dividend policy features

Minimum mandatory dividend

minimum mandatory dividend of

30% of net

adjusted income

Management Commitment

minimum payout of

55% of net

adjusted income


2 dividends

per year

Dividend History

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Shareholders remuneration

Dividends (based on distributable net income)

Dividend per Share (R$)

Dividend Yeld



1 Dividend per Share (R$): For the purpose of comparability between fiscal years, an adjustement in dividend per share was made in light of the bonus share approved on December 07, 2018.

2 Payout: Considers the annual payable net income.

3 Dividend yield: Based on volume-weighted closing price of ON shares in the period.

4 The 2019 figures were restated due to the retaining of complementary dividends by the AGM.

5 2020: Payout equivalent to 100% of the distributable adjusted net income (ex-hydrological risk negotiation).

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Current assets R$ 1.000.000
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