Press Release Archive - ENGIE Brasil

ENGIE Brasil Energia, the largest private sector producer of electric energy in Brazil, announces the holding of two electronic auctions for the purchase of long-term energy. The energy should be delivered to the Southeast/Central-West submarket  but may be sourced from any region and will be destined to supply the Free Contracting Environment (ACL).

The auctions are scheduled for October 13 and 15, both at 2:30 p.m..

The first auction, set for October 13 provides for the purchase of 50% incentivized electric energy – production to take place over 15 years with supply during the period from 2023 to 2037, derived from wind and/or solar power projects. This bidding process is for companies which have generation projects under development, installation or in operation.

Conversely, the second auction, scheduled for October 15 involves the purchase of  50% incentivized electric energy- production to take place over 5 years with supply during the period from 2022 and 2026. To participate in the bidding, participants must be registered with the Electric Energy Trade Board (CCEE), in the energy trading company, generator, independent producer and self-producer model categories.

The process is to be held in an electronic environment through the intermediary of the Paradigma platform, and documents will be made available in the website.