ENGIE, the largest private sector energy company in Brazil operating in the areas of electricity generation, commercialization and transmission, gas transportation and energy solutions, has joined the leading editorial movement in Brazil for promoting sustainable practices for meeting the challenge of the climate crisis. Known as Just One Plant (Um Só Planeta), the project is a multiplatform effort sponsored by Editora Globo, Globo Condé Nast and CBN for the publication of content on sustainability in the Group’s newspapers, magazines, websites, infographics, social media, podcasts and newsletters.
For Maurício Bähr, ENGIE Brasil’s CEO, the initiative is in line with the Company’s proposition. “ENGIE’s objective is to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society through the reduced consumption of energy and more sustainable solutions. This combines the Company, clients and its shareholders and reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet. For this reason, we could not fail to join such a broad-based and important editorial initiative involving key themes on sustainability and the energy transition in vehicles of extreme relevance to society”, he declares.

The product’s entire editorial production can be accessed from the umsoplaneta.globo.com website. The portal permits more immersive and visual browsing incorporating all the content on sustainability of the 19 participating brands. The new project has a dedicated editorial area for production of exclusive content on the subject under the command of Sandra Boccia, Editora Globo’s editorial director. For Sandra, the editorial movement will provide an opportunity for readers to monitor climate emergencies, understand the companies’ techniques underlying their decisions on consumption and to identify good global practices that inspire transformational attitudes.

“This project will be characterized by constructive journalism, in tune with the 21st century, with impeccable delivery, proposals and solutions and qualified listening. This will be the perfect union between the reputation of our brands and the force of the input of collective intelligence of the participating companies and the general public. Let’s speak out for the planet”, says Sandra Boccia.

Green Initiative – The Just One Plant project also enjoys the support of the Green Initiative, a specialized organization in forestry restoration, and the World We Want, a communication projects agency focused on stimulating change. The two companies will assist Editora Globo (EG) in the carbon neutralization of the publications participating in the project, one of the initiatives in EG’s sustainability plan, to be announced shortly.

After the first year of the project, the principal materials, infographics, and data of Just One Planet will be edited and published in a sustainability year book and distributed with the Época Negócios magazine and the newspaper, Valor Econômico.

In addition to ENGIE, the Just One Planet project also has the participation of Ambipar, Braskem and Natura as partners. The companies will be able to contribute with their own content to the movement and will have a channel in the portal with their own initiatives, visions and sustainable practices.