On January 4, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) authorized the startup in commercial operations at nine of the 144 wind turbines in the Umburanas Wind Complex which ENGIE is building in Sento Sé and Umburanas in the state of Bahia. With 360 Megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, the project already has 83% of the work concluded and is scheduled for completion by April. Located in the same municipalities, the adjacent Campo Largo Wind Complex has been in full commercial operation since December 21 with 11 wind farms and 121 wind turbines. The Umburanas/Campo Largo cluster is the largest to be installed by ENGIE in Brazil.

“Just one year after the beginning of its construction and with the startup in commercial operations of the Umburanas Wind Complex, Phase I, the capture of synergies from the installation concomitantly with the Campo Largo Wind Complex Phase I becomes a reality and is demonstrative of the executional capacity of our team”, ENGIE Brasil Energia’s Chief Executive Officer, Eduardo Sattamini comments.

Together with work on the wind complexes, ENGIE  has invested in various socio-environmental projects to the benefit of the population resident in the surrounding areas. Approximately R$ 3 million have been injected into social projects in Umburanas and Sento Sé municipalities. Forecasts are that by the end of the work on implementation, this amount will have reached R$ 9.2 million. “The combination of investment in renewable energy and socio-environmental initiatives is confirmation of our strategy of promoting harmonious progress, at the same time, leading the energy transition in Brazil”, Sattamini concludes.