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The Sun is a source of life and energy and it is based on it that ENGIE offers a sustainable and economic power generation solution from solar energy for homes and companies. This is one way to contribute to the environment and to change people’s daily lives where everyone stands to gain, including our planet.

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The photovoltaic system

Find out how solar energy becomes electric energy

Solar energy is transformed into electric energy by roof-installed photovoltaic panels. Before the energy can be used, it must be transformed at the inverter, which will adjust the energy for on-site use.
Over the day, as the system generates energy, the site’s electric components will be supplied by energy generated by the photovoltaic system.
When the system is generating more energy that is being consumed, the surplus is injected into the grid and converted into credits that will be used automatically in periods when no generation takes place, such as night-time or rainy days.

The Energy Clearing System

The National Power Regulatory Agency (Aneel) has since 2012 established specific rules for distributed solar energy micro- and mini-generation by private parties. Resolution 482/2012 was the first regulation to enable the clearing system, whereby the energy produced by roof installed photovoltaic panels generates credits that can be offset against power bill costs. The clearing system is known worldwide as net-metering.

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ENGIE offers a comprehensive solution when it comes to solar energy suppliers. And what’s more, it does it sustainably and economically. Whether for your home or your company, ENGIE has an innovative proposal in line with your needs.