To support the Cities of Tomorrow as well as the development of different businesses, making them increasingly more competitive, profitable, and sustainable.

Together with public and private organizations, of various sizes and in different sectors, let us identify the most suitable energy solution for the profile of your city or activities of your company – from the direct acquisition in the Free Energy Market to proprietary generation using photovoltaic or biogas systems. We stand ready to support your business on an integrated basis, with decarbonization solutions, energy consultancy, multi-technical maintenance, automation, telecommunications, and monitoring, among others. In the cities, we act as partners for rendering urban spaces more attractive, resilient, and sustainable, with solutions for strengthening public safety, improving mobility, and fostering energy efficiency.

We show below our solutions applied to different segments as well as our expertise. Check out the range of possibilities we offer for supporting your company or city towards achieving a better performance.

Success Stories

Learn who is already benefiting from our solutions


We are now using all of the data that the system provides to track down off-the-curve consumption flags. This also provides real-time management of potential inappropriate consumption spots.

Henrique Bissochi

Engineering Manager, Banco Santander


We gained lots of agility from tools like remote web/mobile-based programming, consolidated reports and customizable dashboards. They are very useful for the engineering and maintenance team’s daily job. Another important tool can be found in the customizable alarms, which let us track down units that are consuming more energy than expected, and quickly take corrective steps.

Alexandre Medeiros

Engineering Manager, C&A Brazil


Oi understands that actively managing units’ consumption enables efficient use of energy and generates cost-cutting opportunities. In addition, management allows evaluating the effectiveness of consumption reduction actions adopted, expediting the roll-out of projects to additional units. The system has shown the best cost-to-benefit ratio, providing modern and structured management tools to guarantee convenient and agile information monitoring.

Marco Antonio Vilela de Oliveira

Assets and Energy Officer, Oi


The system has been selected precisely due to the diversity and variety of reports, graphs, controls and analyses available for each and every restaurant. It has also enabled clustering according to consumption type/model, allowing comparisons and accurate energy, water and gas management at our units.

Edinaldo Martins de Castro

Utilities Manager, Bloomin Brands International

Notredame intermédica

We chose Follow Energy because it is a market-renowned tool, with recognized quality and results. Using it has enabled us to better understand our electric energy profile, identifying the peak times and possible demand overshoots precisely, in addition to indicating power-factor adjustments.

Alessandro Matos

Engineering Manager, Grupo NotreDame Intermédica

Recod TV

We saw the need for precise electric energy consumption metering and to make the information clear and visible to all users, dispensing with the need for monthly visual meter inspection to determine expenses.

Pedro Luiz de Freitas

Infrastructure Manager, Rede Record

Rede Supermarket

We implemented the energy management system at Rede Supermarket to achieve consumption, demand and power controls and be able to tell if the bills are accurate. After all, you can only manage what you measure and, when you have real-time energy data, management improves significantly, preventing unnecessary spending. Follow Energy is intuitive and a great help calculating waste, which makes it easier for managers to make better decisions. The idea is to have it installed whenever a new store opens.

Henrique Dames

Electrical Engineer in charge of energy management and electric maintenance at Rede Supermarket