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ENGIE provides a specialized service in energy management, aiming to identify the best opportunities in the energy market. Our integrated solutions cover from energy planning, budgeting, energy supply planning, economic-financial and regulatory consulting on energy self-production projects and management systems.

Specialized consulting and energy management means results and economy for our customers

savings of

R$ 1.1 billion

in projects on demand

more than

R$ 2.7 million

recovered for our customers with Energy Bill Audits

gains of

R$ 39.5 million

generated with analysis and adequacy of Rate Mode

savings of

R$ 84.2 million

with evaluation/adequacy of Hired Demands

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Integrated Management System SIG | Energy

Get more control and organization with our energy management platform

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All information processed and audited in one place


Access your information wherever, whenever and however you want


All information is encrypted


Optimization and cost control


Specialists focused on operations in the electricity sector


Organization of large volumes of information

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