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To use energy in a smarter way, optimizing resources and upgrading performance.

ENGIE has a strong commitment to the energy transition in countries where it has operations. It has a complete portfolio of integrated solutions to help companies and cities reduce costs and improve infrastructure as well as to positively impact the environment in the transition to a low carbon economy.

This objective is achieved through energy efficiency measures focused on the reduction of primary energy losses and also through solutions which include technologies based on self-production from renewable sources. By generating its own energy, the company reduces supply outages to zero. This permits long-term planning and greater control over operational expenses.

We understand that each segment has its own characteristics. For this reason, our consultancy specialized in retrofitting and greenfield projects is able to personalize its studies so that it can offer the best alternative for your business.

ENGIE, a leader in energy efficiency

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Energy Planner: plan the energy transition of your business.

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Reduction in energy consumption and cost

The solution is prepared on the basis that energy savings pays for the intended investment with or without an installation performance guarantee.

Reduction in operating cost

The energy solution is tailored to provide the best cost-benefit solution for your business (reduction in the corresponding KPI) and thus the most competitive one in your chosen market.

Predictability of cost

Long-term commitment capable of providing a continuous improvement in the system and the annual budget forecast for the utilities which are part of the project.

Total or partial investment ENGIE

Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) agreements allow the client to leverage its core business, leaving the responsibility for the utilities to ENGIE with contractual reliability guarantees.

Energy security

Energy solutions which guarantee security for your business through redundancy equipment or reliability evaluations.

Modernization of the equipment

Our solutions offer the best in technology for your business.

ENGIE’s integrated solutions

Through Build, Operate and Transfer agreements, we can implement various ENGIE solutions, guaranteeing a completely efficient operation for utilities, energy management and management of utilities resulting in a final lower total cost.


Sustainable growth guarantees the world that we all wish for the future.

Know about our solutions

Compressed air

Our solution provides for the offer of a compressed air service, supplying the company with a given flow of air under specific pressure conditions.

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Equipment Automation

Modernization and control of the utilities

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Energy co-generation and energy reuse systems.

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Steam Generation

Used in various industrial sectors such as: meat packing plants, dairies, and textile plants.

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Climate control systems

Direct expansion, indirect expansion, distribution systems and District Cooling.

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Continuous supply and transformation of energy from medium to low voltage in major projects.

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Utilities: chilled water

Projects customized so that there is no loss of temperature in the industrial processes.

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