What is it?

The Free Energy Market (MLE) is a business environment in which generator, commercialization and consumer companies are able to negotiate the supply of electric energy freely in compliance with the sector Regulations. Among the various advantages of this environment, of particular importance are:

  • More competitive prices, resulting in economies;
  • Flexibility in trading – in duration, volumes, and contracted sources;
  • Free choice of electric energy supplier;
  • Predictability of costs;
  • Facilitated management – a single agreement can meet the needs of several consumer units (head office and branches, for example).

How to contract?

To join the Free Energy Market, the company must satisfy certain requirements related particularly to its consumption profile – know more here. ENGIE operates in the MLE through two agreement models:

Understand better the models

CCEE Agent

the contracting party associates with the Electric Energy Trade Board (CCEE), which operates the Free Energy Market. In this way, it becomes a Market Agent, pursuant to the Market’s rules and procedures.


the contracting company’s relationship is with ENGIE only – the latter acting as a representative of the client with the CCEE.

Do you want to migrate to the Free Energy Market?

Find out what the eligibility criteria and the step-by-step to become a free consumer.

How to migrate?

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