ENGIE’s operations

ENGIE is the largest trader in the Free Energy Market in Brazil as well as being a pioneer in the systematic servicing of this market. ENGIE serves the demand from free consumers with security and solidity providing greater flexibility and economy in contracting energy, using a model based on sustainable growth for meeting the major energetic and environmental challenges.

Pioneering in the commercial operations of the Brazilian Free Energy Market and the world market

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ENGIE wants to be an ever closer partner in the supply of energy and solutions to its clients as a reliable, solid, sustainable and agile option. Currently, ENGIE already supplies about 2,300 average MW to free consumers from various industrial, commercial and services sectors pertaining to 450 different corporate groups, in the five regions of Brazil.
Agreements signed with ENGIE are both short and long-term, formatted according to the specifics of the business of each client. This permits flexibility in negotiations and predictability of the costs of energy, this energy becoming a strategic input in the value chain of your company.

Free clients

serving about


corporate groups

serving approximately

900 unidades

industrial units

contracting on average

2.300 MW

for clients in 2017

Our competitive advantages in the Free Market

  • With the company’s considerable installed capacity and financial solidity in Brazil, one of our major competitive differentials is the ability to offer clients guaranteed supplies even for long-term agreements or for large volumes;
  • Credibility and commitment in serving the needs of its clients;
  • Flexibility in negotiations;
  • Customized products for meeting client requirements;
  • Specialized professionals and an in depth experience of the electric sector, including energy sales, business development, contract management, client relationship and technical support teams to the consumers’ units.

Operations map

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Energy supply

Energy generation

supplying free clients in

17 states in 4 of the country’s regions

Free consumers from different sectors of industry, commerce and services are served throughout the country. ENGIE’s solid structure as the largest private sector generator in Brazil, provides security to the client in the decision for contracting power in the Free Market. This strength has been instrumental in the growth of the client portfolio nationwide.

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ENGIE is ready to help your company

Our team is ready and prepared to help your company migrate to the Free Energy Market and to identify the best contracting strategy.

  • We analyze the energy billings of all consumer units;
  • We clarify any doubts that may arise;
  • We prepare a commercial proposal covering power supplies for all units qualifying for migration to the Free Market;
  • We present a cost reduction study both in the global dimension and by individual unit for migration to the Free Market;
  • We can represent your company with the Electric Power Trade Board (CCEE).

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