In the Free Market, your company is able to choose

So that our clients can maximize all the advantages of the Free Market, we offer different contracting options both for CCEE agents as well as retail consumers.

Customized products

Shaped according to consumption profile and business requirements. Ideal for contracting more than 1 average MW in organizations which look for flexibility and economy, also including when necessary in the agreement, the seasonal supply of energy – for more intense periods of production as well as scheduled and/or emergency shutdowns.

Customized agreement

Important in the Free Energy Market that the CCEE consumer agent should know their consumption profile in order to be able to define the energy contracting strategy. Contracting can be executed for any period of supply; however, the recommendation is for a long-term strategy from three to five years to reduce exposure to market price variations.

Renewable Products

Decarbonization products are ENGIE’s low carbon initiatives that help companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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