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We support the construction of Tomorrow’s Cities with sustainable solutions and advanced technology.

ENGIE is strongly committed to the energy transition and believes that cities are part of this transformation. For this reason, the Company works in partnership with local government authorities which share the proposition of promoting a low carbon economy through the intermediary of efficient, economic, and smart projects.

Public lighting systems are operational for about 4,000 hours every year, significantly affecting local government energy bills. Eletricity consumption accounts for 50% of total costs. In addition to installation and operation of the systems, ENGIE identifies equipment suitable for retrofitting which can generate energy savings, such as: replacement of lamps, installation of power modulators and remote control systems. We are proud to be part of the story of the leading Brazilian metro areas, offering solutions focused on public lighting and urban mobility right from the study stage to the final phase of the project, contibuting to cities becoming safer and more modern and efficient.

When the issue is urban mobility, the portfolio of solutions is extensive and meets the real needs of each region with highway and railway stop lights and equipment. Our technology that monitors the distance between people, detects agglomerations and sends warnings to managers is being used by the CET-Rio (Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego do Rio de Janeiro) to reduce COVID-19 infection rates. We are responsible also for integrated video-monitoring  systems for the São Paulo city subway system, the largest in Latin America – using 5 thousand cameras employing artificial intelligence.

Significant Numbers

Management of more than


public lighting points


of 200 gWh

in annual usage

Average reduction of

30% in power consumption

of the cities

A presence in more than

500 cities

and in countries such as: the United States, France, Belgium

management of

9,000 electric

vehicle charging stations

55 transportation networks

equipped with our systems

650 km optic fiber cable

in Rio de Janeiro

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Streetlighting and energy efficiency

Efficient lighting solutions for every part of citizens’ lives.

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Private-Public Partnerships

ENGIE brings to bear massive experience in partnerships.

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Remote Smart City management systems

Smart public-lighting management systems.

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Showcasing the public heritage and custom lighting schemes

Lighting to enhance a city’s beauty and serve as a social inclusion factor.

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Electrical Vehicle Sharing and Charging Station

ENGIE offers a complete car-sharing solution to companies and communities that wish to provide mobility services to their employees.

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Infrastructure and Public Transportation Systems

ENGIE has a comprehensive public-transport management and fleet offering.

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Smart Traffic Control System

ENGIE develops smart crossroads systems for every urban setting, integrating different systems together.

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