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ENGIE offers an economical and sustainable solution in the self-generation of electricity for your company. Solar energy is a smart and sustainable alternative for reducing the costs of your business. As well as generating your own energy and saving up to 90% of the bill, you help preserve the environment, by introducing sustainable practices into the daily routine of your company.

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The electricity bill is one of the items which weighs most heavily on the entrepreneur’s pocket book. Solar energy is a smart and sustainable alternative to reducing the costs of your business. Besides generating your own energy and saving up to 90% of your bill, you help preserve the environment by introducing sustainable practices in the daily routines of your company. ENGIE prepares it all for you. Our solution ranges from the technical visit for evaluating feasibility to the project design and procedures involving the electricity utility company to the maintenance of the installed system – and you can track all these stages. This way, you can be sure of making an excellent investment and increasing your competitivity in the market.

Infographic: Understand ENGIE’s 10-step process of installing solar energy

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It’s very easy and economical to generate your own energy

Check out how much you can save.

Simulate using your electricity consumption and see how much you can already save in the first year of operation.

Receive a tailor-made project.

ENGIE does the feasibility study and develops a complete project for the installation of the system in your home or company.

The installations are for our account.

Our technical and specialized team will go where you are and carry out all the needs for the installation of the system.

Technical assistance and monitoring as well.

After installation, you can monitor your operating system in real time and also count on our team of specialists to help with everything you need.

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Power Plant Leases

The distributed generation solutions that ENGIE offers enable your company to lease photovoltaic plants and thereby enjoy all of their benefits.

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