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The driver of the Brazilian economy, agribusiness has in ENGIE a leading partner for achieving increasingly better results.

Our solutions for farms, poultry operations, storage companies and agro-industries range from renewable power supply – notably in the form of solar and biogas generation – to the automated control of other necessary inputs for production, including decarbonization initiatives. This lends greater economic and environmental sustainability to the activities, bringing additional competitivity.

All this to reduce costs, increase efficiency in the use of energy – also avoiding supply outages – and preserving the environment through the appropriate treatment of liabilities and the reduction in atmospheric emissions. With our partnership, your business will also be much better prepared to exploit the potential of technological tools, such as the use of automated sensors and other instruments dedicated to improvement in productivity.

+35 farms and poultry farms

served throughout Brazil

Largest private sector generator

of energy in the world

30% savings

in the consumption of utilities - energy, water, gas

ENGIE solutions for Agribusiness

ENGIE believes in the strength of integrated solutions, since our expertise in supporting your operations shows that when we combine efforts, the relative potential increases exponentially. Consequently, we are ready to deliver a mix of solutions which maximizes results for your farm, poultry business or agro-industrial business!

Challenges of the Rural Producer

Their challenge

  • Reduce costs and atmospheric emissions
  • Making production more efficient
  • Understanding the best solution for the business
  • Temperature control in productive environments
  • Neutralize, reduce or net zero emissions

Our expertise

  • Supply of clean and proprietary energy through photovoltaic systems or plant rental. Possibility for direct contracting via Free Energy Market.
  • Biogas solution, transforming liabilities (environmental) into financial assets (energy production).
  • Consultancy in energy management for economic and financial analysis of the viability of the solutions in line with the characteristics of the business.
  • Environmental temperature control systems; control of power consumption, water, temperature, steam, and gas, reducing costs.
  • Decarbonization emissions: Carbon Credits, I-REC and ENGIE-REC.

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Reduction in production costs

With a focus on economy, we have solutions for proprietary power generation (solar, biogas or cogeneration systems) and also for direct acquisition via Free Market.

Technology for productivity

Depend on us to improve energy and operational efficiency of irrigation systems, lighting and electric motors on your farm or in your poultry operation, and also for our services in consultancy and energy management for greater control and sustainability of your activities.