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Integrated solutions for more efficient, safe and sustainable operations.

In the airport sector, ENGIE is a partner serving the growing demands of both aircraft and passengers, ensuring the excellence of operations. In addition, we guarantee the reliability and performance of power and utility systems such as multi-technical maintenance, HVAC, baggage handling systems, lighting, passenger boarding bridges, safety, and services systems for aircraft.

At the port terminals, our solutions play a particularly important role in the expansion of energy efficiency and automation of operations – both in the handling of containers as well as storage of cargo and grains. Smart monitoring platforms provide greater operational efficiency while energy solutions help improve the sustainability of the businesses.

+ 50 Airports

served worldwide

Capacity in meeting between

35 and up to 50

of the airports operational expenses (Opex)

US$ 300 million

in annual airport related sales

Long term partnerships

with ENGIE’s investment capacity

ENGIE solutions for Airports and Ports

ENGIE believes in the strength of integrated solutions since our expertise in supporting your operations shows that when we combine efforts the potential increases exponentially. Consequently, we are ready to develop a mix of solutions which maximizes results for your port or airport!

Challenges of Airports & Ports

Their challenge

  • Reduce CO2 emissions and improve aircraft services
  • Reduce costs with power consumption and greenhouse gases
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Reliability of operational systems
  • Holistic operation and management, in real time

Our expertise

  • With PCA and 400Hzcom solutions, reduction of up to 90% in CO2 emissions; Carbon Credits, I-REC and ENGIE-REC.
  • Supply of clean energy with photovoltaic systems; direct contracting, via the Free Energy Market.
  • Solutions in management and monitoring of consumption of utilities – power, gas and water.
  • Integrated solutions such as lighting infrastructure, communication networks, building management and security and supervision systems.
  • Unique system for helping decision making and ensuring agility in the solution of problems.

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Economy combined with sustainability

Use our solutions for proprietary and sustainable energy generation via photovoltaic system, or for direct acquisition in the Free Market. For the optimization of costs, we also offer customized projects with the installation of local substations.

Operational efficiency

We supply services for energy management, monitoring of environments and complete energy efficiency solutions – from diagnostics to retrofitting of equipment.

Operational management

We offer energy consultancy and multi-technical O&M for total management of electrical and mechanical systems, allowing the airports to focus on their core business.

Electrical mobility

We project and Implement smart solutions, such as passenger Information systems, interactive terminals, and Infrastructure for electric vehicles, among others.

Sustainable development

Enjoy the benefits of our solutions in energy consultancy, distributed generation and acquisition of carbon credits for sustainable port growth.

Operational efficiency

We offer services for energy management, monitoring of environments and complete energy efficiency solutions – from diagnostics to the retrofitting of equipment.