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Building the Cities of Tomorrow

Currently, more than half the world's population lives in cities. And growth never ceases: it is estimated that as soon as 2050, 70% of humanity – about six billion people – will inhabit urban areas. This prospect brings with it major economic, environmental and social challenges. How shall we reconcile the energy requirements of the cities with the urgency of conserving the natural resources and improving the quality of Iife of their citizens?

In response to this question, ENGIE offers a range of integrated solutions. Together with the population, local government managers, and technical and financial partners, our innovative solutions are designed to satisfy the wellbeing and security of citizens, save energy and conserve the environmental, cultural and historical assets of the municipalities, among other aspects which influence the daily lives of the population. in this way we cooperate in designing the future. Through innovative and efficacious solutions for the construction of “smart cities”, we seek to contribute to the harmonious progress of Brazilian municipalities.

60 cities

use our security systems

+2 million public lighting points

under management throughout the world

30% reduction in time lost

in congestion following the installation of our traffic signals

50% reduction in the consumption of energy

with our LED lamp systems

+ 100 thousand

charging points installed for electric vehicles

400 thousand street lighting points

managed in Brazil

ENGIE solutions for Cities

ENGIE believes in the strength of integrated solutions, since our expertise in supporting your operations shows that when we combine efforts, the relative potential increases exponentially. Consequently, we are ready to deliver a mix of solutions which maximizes results for your city.

How ENGIE can help cities

Their challenge

  • To make mobility more efficient and sustainable
  • Strengthen public security
  • Financing of projects despite budgetary restrictions
  • Reduction in environmental footprint and energy efficiency gains

Our expertise

  • Smart traffic system and electric mobility
  • Security and Automation: Integrated solutions for inhibiting criminal actions and investigating incidents, using video-monitoring platforms, management software for cities (Livin') and Operational Control Center.
  • Smart public lighting systems, automatically operated (tele-management), with technology that increases efficiency, optimizing public resources. Investments in public-private partnerships (PPP) for modernization with LED technology.
  • Reduction of costs with energy, without affecting the budget; use of renewable power; sustainable systems of mobility, which improves traffic flows and reduces emissions of CO2 in the cities.

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