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We help service companies to develop efficient infrastructure, sustainability and reduce costs.

ENGIE offers integrated solutions to the segment for enhancing the competitive advantages of our clients, contributing to the continual improvement in the businesses – more particularly shopping centers, food and beverage segment, drugstore chains and telecommunications and sanitation companies. Predictability of expenses – based on controls over consumption of energy, water, and gas , operational safety, reliability of essential systems, such as the supply of energy and maintenance, and energy efficiency are some of the benefits accruing from our partnership.

Among the solutions dedicated to the sector is the Free Energy Market in which consuming companies can decide with generators and trading companies the conditions for supply, tariffs and even the specific generators from which they wish to receive their energy. Complementary to this, initiatives focused on decarbonization add value to services rendered. All this so that your business can combine sustainability with profitability.

250 clients

from the segment served in Brazil

Largest private sector generator

of energy in the world

30% savings

in the consumption of utilities - energy, water, gas

ENGIE solutions for the Services segment

ENGIE believes in the strength of integrated solutions, since our expertise in supporting your operations shows that when we combine efforts, the relative potential increases exponentially. Consequently, we are ready to deliver a mix of solutions for generating the very best results for your business.

Challenges of Service companies

Their challenge

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduced investment capacity
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Neutralize, reduce or net zero carbon emissions

Our expertise

  • Consultancy and supply of clean energy with photovoltaic systems; direct contracting via Free Energy Market.
  • Monitoring utilities and equipment and building maintenance systems.
  • High investment capacity in projects as a leading company in the market.
  • Electric vehicle charging systems and low carbon initiatives such as renewable power certificates.
  • Decarbonization solutions: Carbon Credits, I-REC and ENGIE-REC.

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Cost reductions

We offer solutions for identifying, developing, and executing energy efficiency projects with resulting reduction in energy consumption. We also offer customized projects with the installation of local substations.

Economy with sustainability

As well as economy, our solutions in energy offer autonomy, availability, and sustainability through proprietary energy generation with the installation and rental of photovoltaic plants or even the direct contracting of energy through the Free Energy Market.

Operational management

We deliver a set of smart services for operations and maintenance (O&M), with teams for sanitation, equipment and air conditioning maintenance which help optimize the costs of the establishment.