Corporate Social Responsibility - ENGIE Brasil

Environmental and social responsibility is one of the drivers behind ENGIE’s corporate strategy.
As a global leader of the energy market and one of the main actors in the energy transition, ENGIE has an ambition to provide the goods and services necessary for life and to contribute to a global dynamics of sustainability adapted to climate and demographic changes.
ENGIE’s Corporate Social Responsibility expresses first and foremost the highest respect for Human Rights and the refusal of all manner of forced or mandatory labor, child labor, discrimination, moral and sexual harassment, and any form of violence in every country and industry in which it operates. In addition, ENGIE dedicates special efforts to the social development of the communities in which it operates in Brazil and worldwide.


Our corporate social responsibility is based on respect to human rights, on relationship with stakeholders, respecting each party’s different interests, on the social and economic integration with the communities where we operate, and on working relationships that fully comply with the law, prioritizing health and safety.