ENGIE has a policy of supporting and developing income generation projects in the municipalities where it operates. It assumes consultation with and involvement of local communities, be it for projects undergoing implementation or in operation, or in cities where it carries out managerial and administrative activities.

From the concept and enabling phase, initiatives capable of generating income for people as well as associations willing to enterprise on behalf of society, as long as they have economic and socio-environmental sustainability prospects, can rely on support from ENGIE, with own or incentivized funds, voluntarily or in connection with legal licensing requirements.

Initiatives and programs

ENGIE development lines

The development and income generation lines that ENGIE supports are intended for the communities where the company operates in the five regions of Brazil. Activities such as farming, beekeeping and those associated with fisheries, among others, rely on the Company’s support in municipalities that house projects such as power generation.

Opportunities are also created by means of sponsorships for the implementation and operations of Cultural Centers, using incentivized Rouanet Law funds and own ENGIE funds. These spaces provide professional skills and digital inclusion workshops, in addition to amphitheaters, libraries and exhibitions halls.