Legacy to Coming Generations - ENGIE Brasil

Legacy to Coming Generations

ENGIE is present in over 70 countries and offers solutions capable of serving an increasingly demanding market in a world marked by sharp contrasts. This is why sustainability is a priority present in all of ENGIE’s strategies, activities and initiatives. As such, the Company invests funds and resources to make energy an asset within everyone’s reach, as well as to provide better living conditions in the communities where it operates.
With a focus on these sites, ENGIE offers society a corporate social responsibility program with lasting and sustainable foundations, with income generation programs and more that can stand as a legacy for all generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Health, culture, sports, citizenship and income generation: we do everything within our reach to leave a positive legacy for the current and future generations, aside from the sustainability-focused products and services that we offer to society.


Use of own and ENGIE Foundation funds, as well as funds from tax incentives;

Social insertion by means of access to culture, education, health and sports;

Voluntary programs aimed at generating income and raising communities’ living-standards;

Programs for social inclusion, youths and children’s health, and professional training, with a focus on vulnerable communities;

Partnerships with organizations with shared objectives;

Cancer research and treatment;

Opportunities for and service to special needs persons.

ENGIE Brasil’s Environmental Programs

We take care of the water, air and ground, knowing that these are the greatest legacies that we can leave to the coming generations


Strict compliance with the law;

Innovation, research and development;

Saplings donation and planting;

Support to cultural, environmental conservation and leisure spaces;

Visitations program to projects under construction and in operation;

Environmental education program in the five regions of Brazil;

Environmental preservation and conservation;

Voluntary work program involving employees and their family members.

Initiatives and Programs