Environmental licensing

All of the activities that ENGIE carries out abide by the laws of the respective country. Infrastructure projects usually submit to more rigorous criteria, as seen in power generation plants.
All of ENGIE’s plants in Brazil, whether operational or under construction, have current licenses before the relevant environmental authorities. By regarding environmental licenses as assets, in addition to complying with the law, ENGIE aims to meet the expectations of its shareholders, employees, financers, local communities, and society at large.

Environmental License

Environmental License

Environmental License

Typically in Brazil, the Environmental Impact Study (“Estudo de Impacto Ambiental” – EIA) and the respective Environmental Impact Report (“Relatório de Impacto Ambiental” – RIMA) are the cross-disciplinary technical documents that enable a comprehensive and full assessment of infrastructure projects’ environmental impacts, indicating the due and corresponding measures to offset or mitigate the impacts detected. The required environmental licenses are as follows.

License types are as follows:

  • Preliminary Environmental License : Granted in the preliminary planning phase of a project or activity. It approves the location and concept, confirming environmental feasibility and establishing basic and conditional requirements to be met in the upcoming installation phases.
    Maximum duration: five years.
  • Installation Environmental License : Authorizes installation of the project or activity as per the specifications provided in the approved plans, programs and projects, including environmental control measures and other conditions for which installation they stand as requirements.
    Maximum duration: six years.
  • Operational Environmental License: Authorizes operating the activity or project after effective compliance is verified with the contents of the earlier licenses, including environmental control measures and conditional requirements for operation. Maximum duration: specific for each license, and subject to periodical renewal.

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