ENGIE is the largest private-sector energy generator in Brazil. When new plants are implemented, fauna conservation programs are used to ensure the safety of animals, reducing the impacts of vegetation suppression and contributing to the preservation of biodiversity. This monitoring effort contributes to the collection of quantitative and qualitative data for scientific research. At this stage, ENGIE also carries out vegetation recovery projects and ichthyofauna (freshwater fish) conservation, among many more.
A comprehensive waste-management program and special caution with the waters of rivers and their wellsprings are among the several actions that ENGIE carries out at its active plants in Brazil. These actions include the Biodiversity Matrix (“Matriz Biodiversidade”) Project, which is unprecedented in the industry and comprehends all six Brazilian biomes.

ENGIE and Brazil’s Sustainable Energy

From the implementation phase of its power plants, ENGIE allocates funds to Federal and State conservation units and the protection of threatened species.


Compliance with the environmental law: ENGIE fully abides by and complies with Brazilian environmental laws, which are among the strictest in the world. All of ENGIE’s operations in Brazil are duly licensed by the relevant authorities.

Impact studies: environmental impact studies for new ENGIE projects, with particular emphasis on new power plants, take legal requirements into account and, are fully transparent and include stakeholder outreach actions.

Risk prevention: ENGIE has and adopts, in all of its operations in the 70 countries where it is present, a social, environmental and economic risks assessment methodology. On the environmental dimension, aspects and risks associated with the fauna, flora, atmospheric emissions and other elements are key to decision-making.

Agile emergency response: every ENGIE operation that may imply emergency situations has a prevention and action plan in place that is periodically tested under safe conditions.

Transparency, awareness and education: ENGIE acts with complete transparency, and reaches out to employees, partners, communities and society at large to build awareness of environmental care, which includes project visitation and environmental education programs, among others.

Initiatives and Programs