A commitment to sustainable development is what enables ENGIE to remain a world leader in energy transition over the years. This commitment’s principle is ethics, and its guidelines are the appreciation of biodiversity, the utmost respect for society, and the establishment of long-term relationships that are engaged with ethics and sustainability.

In Brazil and worldwide, ENGIE embraces lofty corporate governance standards, acting with transparency and a focus on providing returns to shareholders’ investment. ENGIE constantly strives to offer people, cities and companies – whether they may be partners or customers – innovative solutions that offer flexibility, technology, quality and efficiency, capable of creating value for all stakeholders, allied with the fight against climate change, and a socio-environmental responsibility program that exceeds legal requirements.

At the workplace we foster team spirit, cooperation and inventiveness, with employee compensation at a level with the respective markets, and special attention paid to health and safety.

ENGIE sustainable management policy

ENGIE diversifies its activities in Brazil, paying attention to society’s needs and to energy transition, offering mobility, security, energy efficiency, public lighting, distributed solar generation, and energy transmission and generation services with a constant focus on sustainable development. Its affiliate ENGIE Brasil Energia has been a component of the Stock Exchange’s Business Sustainability Index (“Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial” – ISE) ever since its 2005 creation.