Come and transform the world with us.

ENGIE is the force of nature which transforms into renewable power. Efficiency which permeates the largest natural gas transmission network in Brazil. And innovation which generates integrated solutions for companies, households, and cities. This is what connects us, allows us to conceive a better world and to achieve. Together, let us transform!

Energy that comes from people.

We are many.

We are just one ENGIE.

In all that we do and in each place, we are always seeking to grow and offer new career opportunities together with people that value teamwork and innovation. Without dividing lines. Without frontiers. Without limit.


  • With a presence in 5 continents with 160,000 employees worldwide.
  • More than 3,000 employees in Brazil in 22 states

Our internal approval ratings speak for themselves

of our employees are proud to be associated with ENGIE
would recommend ENGIE as a good place to work
believe that ENGIE is a socially responsible company
believe fully in ENGIE’s targets and objectives

Energy that comes from people.

ENGIE is clean, renewable, and human power. It is the talent and diversity of thousands of employees throughout the entire world, connected by common values and dreams. Ethics, transparency, respect, health, and security of people are part of our trajectory in the creation of a major company of which all can be proud.

Culture and Engagement

At ENGIE, we see Culture as built on the foundations of attitudes, values and beliefs shared among leaders and employees, of how we organize our processes and how we recognize our processes and how we recognize and value people.

ENGIE’s way of leading.

To guarantee the sustainability of the businesses, we have implemented “The ENGIE way of Leading”, on the basis of which we establish the attitudes and behavior necessary to achieve the best results.

Human Rights and Ethics

Work plays a major role in people’s lives. It is more than just a means of sustenance, it is a continuing process of personal evolution, of participation in the creation of the future for each one, for our country, and also is instrumental in contributing to the evolution of humanity as whole. At ENGIE, it is the duty of all to provide suitable conditions to act with dignity.

Health, Safety and Quality of Life.

Based on the idea of humanization of work and its social responsibility, ENGIE spares no effort to promote the quality of life and physical, phycological and social wellbeing of all employees. At ENGIE, the adoption of safe behavior and compliance with norms and procedures of safety are the duty of all.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our prosperity has origins in diversity. The union of different people, cultures, countries, genders, generations, competences, and experiences expand our horizons of learning and development, contributing to the creation of strategic differences. At ENGIE, the respect for differences is our commitment.

Attraction, Selection and Mobility

At ENGIE, we endeavor to maximize our competitive advantage through attraction, selection and mobility of employees aligned to our organizational culture. We have the commitment to offer opportunities for career growth and we believe in mobility as a powerful instrument for culture and the development of people.

Come and be ENGIE.

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