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People and Culture

Energy can change stories, people and relationships. Transform the whole world and every one of us. We are the largest private-sector power generation company in Brazil. We invest and operate to enable innovative solutions that contribute to society in a sustainable manner, inspiring new roads ahead. To this end, ethics and transparency are our guidelines, and we are driven by the energy that each employee shares with us. Together, we can transform the world.

The energy that drives ENGIE

We constantly produce energy. In Brazil, ENGIE is transforming and evolving, expanding its areas of activities and potential for jobs and careers. Being ENGIE Brasil means behaving consistently with our vision of the future. We know that we must innovate to transform people’s lives through energy. That is the challenge that we face. We appreciate constant collaboration. We recognize people who are open to teamwork and to change.

To ensure our employees’ healthy professional life, we have enshrined three Health and Safety principles that connect to our organizational well-being. They form the link between ENGIE Brasil’s vision and mission and our daily responsibilities as individuals, as teams and as an organization. The principles consist in protecting employees’ lives, preventing potential harm in routine work, and encouraging best workplace practices. Find out about each one next.

Developing our leaderships

We have a clear vision of our leadership model, encouraging ideal behaviors and identifying and preventing noncompliant attitudes. Leaders have safety visits that foster dialogue and closeness with every team. The presence of the leaders on the field guarantees that there are examples to be followed, developing each employee’s awareness of and commitment to Health and Safety.

Quality of Life

We periodically track our employees’ health and provide care by means of a comprehensive diagnosis and education program. We know that we must prevent risk factors associated with the physical, chemical and biological hazards affecting each one’s duties as a means to ensure ongoing improvement of the workplace throughout the organization. This care also attempts to address psycho-social issues that may emerge within any organization and affect our employees’ mental health and social well-being.

People and Assets Integrity

We aim to anticipate and prevent risky situations that may jeopardize the lives and integrity of our employees, in addition to encouraging best workplace safety practices as concerns physical and mental health alike. We ensure the safety of our employees’ and contractors by means of regular inspections and audits of our equipment and facilities. Furthermore, our suppliers must meet contracted requirements to ensure that risks are kept under control in all of our units nationwide.

Join the future of energy

We are looking for professionals who share our principles and can engage with our purpose to change how people relate with energy towards a sustainable world.

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