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ENGIE in the context of the energy transition

ENGIE develops its activities using a model based on sustainable growth in order to meet the major challenges of the energy transition to a low carbon economy: expansion of access to renewable energy, mitigation of, and adaptation to climate change, security of supply and rational use of natural resources.

In order to promote harmonious progress and to spearhead the energy transition in Brazil, the company seeks to offer increasingly more integrated and innovative solutions for people, companies and cities aligned to ENGIE’S global strategy of Decarbonization, Digitization and Decentralization.

To implement this transition, ENGIE’s business strategy is focused on three key activities for the future:

  • Low carbon output, especially based on renewable energy and natural gas;
  • Energy infrastructure;
  • Efficient solutions adapted to the needs of the customers.


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important energy transition tool to be employed in the drive to a low carbon economy. In addition to its commitment for adopting measures for increasing its energy efficiency, ENGIE offers solutions for the management and efficient use of energy in the productive processes of its customers. The aim is to reduce costs, consumption and the carbon footprint and to improve customer infrastructure.

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Through growth in renewable energy generation, the decarbonization of customer portfolios and tailored solutions offered to customers.


By being closer to the customer and the markets for meeting their respective needs with the generation of energy in a decentralized and sustainable manner and, wherever possible, closer to the points of consumption.


Through the digital transformation of the business, driven by innovation and technology, resulting in efficiency and operational optimization as well as smart and tailored solutions for customers.

Integrated solutions “as a service”

ENGIE’s vision of the energy transition is one in which services, technology and investments are integrated in decentralized businesses, creating high value added offerings to its customers.

ENGIE has a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and integrated low carbon solutions, responsible for reducing costs and improving infrastructure for its customers.

In this way, ENGIE offers tailored solutions to its customers, adapted to their needs, adding value to their businesses and making the Company a true strategic partner for the various economic segments in their energy transition process.

Our ambition: to be leaders in the zero carbon transition "as a service”

ENGIE’s advantages with a focus on the customer

Integrated solutions

Investment capacity


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